Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Art! And A Message From Chattabox My Friend In CP!!

I Bet You Cant Draw This Well On A Computer BTW Took Me 5 Minutes!!!! Deal With How Bad It Is Message To Some People Including The Peron That Goes To  Church Eveyday With Me!!!!Also This Video I Got From Sara April The Past 18 Year Old Woman Who Acts Like A Little Girl!


Hey Guys Probably Didn't Know But I Love Spongebob And Im Friends With Him,Gary Squidward MisterCrabs,Plankton And Sandy So yea Its AWSOME Just One More Time And Im Friends With Patrica!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sorry Saraapril

Saraapril If You're Reading I'm Sorry For Taking All Your Photos But I Do Give Credit To You All Flippers Together,Rockhoppr973

Adventure Time With Summer Kick-Off Party Updated!

Pengable Summer Party Here It's Very Exiting,And Also Im Jake From Adventure Time If You'd Like To Be Princess Bubble Gum
Lumpy Space Princess
Or Cake The Cat
Just Go To Server Pengable Snow Forts Is My Base But You Can Find Rockhoppr973 Waddling Around Be Ready To Sign Up!
Others Taken Srry
BTW My Name Does No Change From Cp To Pengable
Name:Finn Taken:Yes By:Mater2928
Also Type In !JR 877 I Call It Heaven
Name:Fiona Taken:Yes By:Cutechick123
Name:Cake The Cat Taken:No By:None
Name:PB Taken:No By:None
Name:Jake The Dog Taken:Yes By:Rockhoppr973

Name:LSP Taken:No By:None
Name:Marsaleen Taken:No By:None

Name:Gunther Taken No By:None
Name:Ice King Taken:No By:None

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where Is Rockhoppr973 In CP???

I'm In A Break But I Died My Hair Blue And It's Very Exiting,Anyways Be Sure To Tell Eveyone About The Blog And My Hair And Subscribe To Meez Pleeze Lol Its Me Please!!!:P

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Post

It's Only On Computer BTW It's Flying Off The Ground


Jumbo Puffles 8 Inch Series  5!I Like The Orange One Best! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Have War Against The Watex Warrior

War Today Here's What I Got From Army Aqua edit: We dont care Aj. We know you’re taking a good and long break, and wont be back for a while. Plus if you cant make it just freaking comment. God.
Aj edit: I won’t be there, but I’m expecting good sizes!
Now that we’ve won the first battle against the Pretzels, it’s time to advance on to the next. This time, our opponent will be the Watex Warriors. Below are the details for the upcoming battle!

Ice Warriors vs. Watex Warriors

Server: Klondike – at the Mine

When: Monday, June 18th, 2012








Medals you will gain if you attend: 10

I’m expecting to see sizes of 20+ troops for this event.

New Igloo Experience!

Live On Wildlife,

And Have Decorating Faster!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

How To Defeat Prodobot

The Super Hero Takeover Just Started And Members Can Defeat Prodobot Well,Im A Member (For A Month) So I Defeated Him All You Have To Do Is Keep Pressing T And Click The Bucket/Targets Until He Dies/Goes Away And Wins So Waddle On:) Photo From Saraapril!

Who's Awesome?-UPDATED!


1st Mixed to Two

Just Got A Blog And A Membership 1st Scentence Yay! Hey ,Guys Heseres Some Very Special Codes; HPHONES1 EPFAGENT UFOMASKE UFOANZUG DJUBILEE JAPANTEA DARKSTAR TOGETHER BIGWHITE SO Yea Hope U Enjoy