Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fruit Party Sneak Peeks!!!!

Hey Ho Fruit Fro Fruit Party Almost Here And Here Are The Unlockables,But Sadly You Have To Buy Innocent Smoothies That Are Only In The UK D: (Strawberry Sunglasses)(Unlock)

Fruit Frenzy Background (Unlock)
Strawberry Costume (Unlock)

Cherry T-Shirt (Unlock)

Cherries Background (Unlock)

Raspberry Costume (Unlock)
Strawberry Chair (Unlock)

Sweet Surf Shorts (Store)

Watermelon Helmet (Unlock)

Wacky Watermelon Background (Unlock)

Watermelon Couch (Unlock)

Orange Costume (Unlock)
Orange Citrus Hoodie (Unlock)

Orange MP300 (Unlock)

Banana Couch (Unlock)

Banana Lamp (Unlock)

Kiwi Background (Unlock)

Kiwi Purse (Store)

Kiwi Costume (Unlock)

Refreshing Curtain (Unlock)

Fruit Vine(Unlock)

Green Grapes Costume(Unlock)

Lemon Lime Stripe Bikini (Unlock)

Apple Chair (Unlock)

Tropical Hammock (Unlock)

Smoothie Stand (Unlock)

Pineapple Table (Unlock)

The Midnight (Store)

Real Teal Sunglasses (Store)

The Blast (Store)

Star Shades (Store)
Clam Shell Collar (Store)

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